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Get A Snoring Mouthpiece In La Mesa

stop snoring tonight with your La Mesa dentist San Diego

Snoring can be a very real problem for people attempting to get a decent night’s sleep regardless of age. After all, if you keep snoring and waking yourself up, your sleep patterns become broken and poor, creating nights of bad sleep and days filled with tiredness. If someone else keeps snoring and wakes you up the result is pretty similar–a bad nights rest.

Whether it is you or a family member suffering from a snoring problem, there are solutions out there to help you stop snoring and get the sleep that you deserve. Our La Mesa dentist team near El Cajon specializes in treatments designed to help stop snoring and get you back on the path to having a good night’s sleep without interruptions caused by snoring and its side effects.

One of the very best treatment options available is a snoring mouthpiece, professionally designed to stop snoring problems in their tracks. Most snoring is caused by restricted airways due to mouth positioning while sleeping. If your mouth relaxes into a position that causes your airways to become restricted, it can result in vibration of the soft palate that causes the noise associated with snoring.

snoring mouthpiece from a San Diego dentist El CajonA snoring mouthpiece is made to stop snoring by gently moving and holding the jaw in place slightly forward, allowing airways to be unrestricted. This effectively stops soft palate vibration that causes snoring, making it easier for those suffering from snoring–and those suffering from the snoring from the snorer–to have a good nights rest.

Dr. Jeff Gray and his La Mesa dentist team are ready to help you stop snoring and get a good night’s sleep using the latest in snoring treatments designed for effective care. Have more questions about how we can help you stop snoring, about snoring mouthpiece treatment, or about any of our other services? Contact our San Diego team with your questions today if you are in the La Mesa – El Cajon area!