Sleep Apnea Treatment

Treat And Diagnose Sleep Apnea In La Mesa

sleep apnea treatment with a La Mesa dentist in San DiegoIf you are suffering from sleep apnea, sleep apnea treatment is the next step in helping you get back on track with your sleep schedule.

Dr. Jeff Gray and his San Diego dentist team have sleep apnea treatments available that are proven and safe, and have helped patient after patient to stop sleep apnea in its tracks and get a good nights rest.

Some of the great tools available to treat sleep apnea include:

  • Sleep apnea sleep tests | Using a take home sleep test (usually this take home sleep test is called a pulse oximeter) sleep apnea treatment professionals can analyze sleeping patterns and determine if sleep apnea is the sleep issue you are suffering from, and how frequent you are waking up during the night. This helps get to the root of the problem, determine its seriousness and to provide more effective treatments.
  • Snoring mouthguards | Snoring often is a huge part of a sleep apnea problem, as usually it is a symptom of restricted airflow. In most cases, snoring comes from a vibration of the soft palate caused by air moving through constricted airways, creating the snoring sound. These restricted airways are made because the jaw and mouth can relax too much, resulting in the airway becoming tighter. Utilizing professionally designed and crafted snoring mouthguards our team can help you stop snoring and sleep better. Our mouthguards work to keep the mouth in the right position for proper airflow, resulting in a better nights rest.

diagnose sleep apnea with a San Diego dentist El CajonMaking sure that our San Diego patients are taken care of is our number one priority, and if you are suffering from a sleep disorder we will work hard to get to the root of your snoring or sleep apnea problem. We are proud to offer sleep apnea treatment that is both effective and safe, helping our patients to sleep better and get the rest they need in order to cope with the stresses of day-to-day life..

Have more questions for our team about sleep apnea treatment or any of the other services we provide? Call us today if you are in La Mesa or El Cajon, and for more information on dental treatments we offer, visit our main San Diego dentist site!